Roulette Game Launched

Banks in Japan have long been carrying bad reputation for their poor quality service to change this impression, Ogaki Kyoritsu Japanese bank is treating their bank clients to a Roulette Game.

The roulette game is available at the automatic teller machines (ATM) where bank clients can win cash money.

After finishing their bank transaction at the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank automatic teller machines, a roulette game will pop up on the screen of the ATM machine. The bank clients are now entitled to have a free spin.

If the bank client wins, he might win 7 Euro or one thous yen.

An Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank spokesman said that the bank which is based on Gifu prefecture in central Japan, aims to add more fun for the bank clients as the use of ATMs is so impersonal lacks communication.

The launching of the roulette game at the ATM will start on the 13th of September.

One hundred thirty four branches of the banks will offer the roulette game.

The launching of the roulette game is the second project of the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank to woo bank clients. The bank has also recently launched a slot game at their ATM services which allows the clients to win one thous yen after they made their transaction.…

Roulette Players Can Now Beat the Casinos

Samuel Blankson, author of ” How To Win At Online Roulette”, developed the latest automated casino system that will help online roulette players to hold back their greed finally beat the online casino games at their own online play.

The system can be run on any personal computer with Microsoft Excel installed, it will allow the users to key in their online roulette game results at the same time returning displaying the message of the next bet to be placed the value at stake. Blankson said that, “the key is results will now go through a set of complex algorithms returns the next action the online player should take in order to win”. The system he developed is advanced in that it can automatically adapt to any shifting rom patterns of the roulette casino game.

Mr. Blankson further explained that his system is different more effective. According to him, “roulette is a simple game to play but it is not easy to win roulette casino games consistently not because of lack of good system but rather it is because of lack of discipline uncontrollable greedy tendencies of roulette casino players”. He explained further that these acts are well known to casinos, that’s why casinos seize the opportunity by exploiting providing more huge incentives prizes that persuade casino players to stay longer in the casino environment to continue to play casino games.

For many casino players, the longer they stay inside the casinos, the longer they will gamble it is easier for them to loose their temper self control allowing their human greediness to surface. At this point, a huge loss can follow eventually the casino will win. Blankson added that “any great gambling system must first eliminate this problem before providing any sophisticated play technique strategy.

According to Blankson, “the ultimate roulette system that he developed removes the human decision from the roulette casino game system to allow the roulette players to take out the greed driven decisions. With the system he designed, roulette players can use an automated rule-based system to select the stake bet”. The system designed by Blankson is available at the online site gambling section of The retail price of the system is $250 it is subject to availability as the author is limiting the copies to be made …

Roulette Dealer Courses

Roulette dealer courses are being offered at Tunica School.

Crescent Schools at Robinsonville has recently launched Roulette dealer courses for any one who like to try their luck work as a roulette dealer in the casinos.

Ronnie Richard, president owner, heads the school.

According to Richard, the school that had opened last January is the only gaming school that had received accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education Training.

The accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education Training means that the students can avail the student loans financial aid from the school.

Aside from the roulette dealers, students can also choose other dealer programs such as craps, blackjack, poker baccarat.

A pai-gai dealer program is expected to be added soon.

Director for gaming, John LeBoeuf, said that the final test they give to their students is a simulation test of dealing.

LeBoeuf said that Crescent School makes sure that their students are knowledgeable at their best skill level before they leave the school.

Placement director, Bill Shenesey said that he makes sure that their students find casino jobs.

Shenesey said that Crescent School also makes thirty, sixty ninety day follow ups to their students for their casino employment.…

Roulette A Big Hit In Las Vegas Night

The Roulette game was a big hit in the recent Las Vegas Night of the Rotary Club of Saipan.

The casino event took place at the dazzling glamorized Aqua Resort Club that was later transformed into game arena. Hundreds of members of the Rotary Club had attended the November 11, 2006 casino event.

This year’s event had big cash prizes for each casino game.

Aside from the well favorite roulette game, other casino games included are craps, blackjack, poker, bingo.

Wife of Rotarian Gabe Boyer, Pat Boyer went home with the gr cash prize of five thous dollars.

Boyer is delighted with the cash prize as she promise to use the money wisely.

The Rotary Club of Saipan later announced that another presentation of cash prizes for all the winners will be made soon.

Two other major winners are Roy L. Banados another ticket holder with initials of I.M.B with ticket number 0463 also won cash prizes.

All winners will be contacted by the Rotary Club of Saipan through the given number on the ticket stub.

Meanwhile, President Deanna Kelly-Tessen of Rotary Club of Saipan had gracefully ended the event with the acknowledgement of all the individuals, firms other groups that had supported the casino night.…

Riverside Casino Offers Roulette

Riverside Casino offers roulette games on its gr opening day.

The two years thirteen months construction of Riverside Casino Golf Resort the long wait for casino players has now finally ended.

The Riverside Casino Golf Resort opened on the 31st of August 2006.

The Riverside Casino offers two roulette wheels for Roulette Enthusiasts.

Aside from the roulette, one thous one hundred eighty one slot machines, twenty four blackjack tables, four craps tables fourteen table poker games are available for players.

There is also a two hundred room hotel, a spa four restaurants which were all full on the opening night.

Riverside Casino also offers a casino gift shop, a resort club a special VIP Lounge for important guests.

The opening day kicked off at four in the afternoon with a rolling of the dice by casino board members.

The gr openings formal ceremony of the casino took place at five in the afternoon while the casino gaming began for the casino investors special guests at 5:30 P.M.

Meanwhile, the general public was allowed to enter the front doors of the casino at nine in the evening.

Riverside Casino Golf Resort is located about fifteen miles south of Iowa City on Highway twenty two.…

Playtech Sued Over Roulette

Playtech, an online gaming software provider, has been sued in a Tel Aviv District Court by Yaakov Refaeli his company, Lubar.

Rafaeli filed the lawsuit in the Tel Aviv District Court against Playtech three other defendants, named in the suit, including Empire Online.

Lubar had accused Playtech three other defendants of patent ingfringement in relation to an Online Roulette system that would modify the facade of internet gaming.

Online gaming have become increasingly more popular are accesible everywhere via the internet. Internet games have been carried out using computers that generates rom numbers. The number results are determined by a move or spin.

The claimnant in the case argues that Playtech the other defendants use technology so that the gambling takes place in a real casino that uses a real live dealer the roulette results are determined by the actual drop of the ball on the roulette wheel instead of a rom computer generated result.

Lubar’s technology use an actual roulette wheel ball to determine actual roulette game results according to Rafaeli his company, Lubar, already owns patent rights for this technology in Australia in the US. Other patent rights are pending in additional countries.…